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Baking With M&M Podcast

Baking With M&M Podcast


For all those who love to bake, we have a brand new baking podcast we would like to share.

Myself, and my cousin Emeric, have started a laid-back, conversational podcast that revolves around all things baking.

We are both cottage bakers, so we know a thing or two about how to make delicious treats!

You may be wondering… Deanna, what’s up with the M&M? Great question! Well, you have Deanna Martinez and Emeric Martinez and together we equal M&M. We thought it was cute. A little cheesy, but super cute.

Please join us each week on Baking With M&M (please follow/favorite our podcast so you never miss an episode). Here is a link to get you to our Anchor podcast, although we are available on other platforms too. Baking With M&M

Join our Facebook Group for show notes and recipes we discuss on the podcast! (click the photo)
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