Cottage Life Column: Pastry Arts Magazine

Did you know that in addition to being a food blogger, I am also a freelance food writer?

I have a column in Pastry Arts Magazine, titled, Cottage Life. Since I am a certified cottage baker, I know a little bit about the subject.

Pastry Arts Magazine is a quarterly magazine that encompasses all things having to do with baking. You can read about recipes, baker profiles, ingredients and so much more.

It is an honor to say that I write for this national magazine! If you are interested in subscribing, click this link: Pastry Arts Magazine

The purpose of this column is to help cottage bakers grow their business and succeed doing what they love.

Cottage bakers and bakers who would like to start a cottage bakery, this one is for you!

If you would like to read my first article for the magazine, Menu Selection and pricing, click here.

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