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Hot Cocoa Bombs


Every fall I create these little gems called hot cocoa bombs.

Hot Cocoa Bombs

The Story of the Hot Cocoa Bombs

Hot cocoa bombs make fantastic gifts. All you need are some silicone molds in the shape of a sphere, melted chocolate, hot chocolate powder, marshmallows, a refrigerator and a lot of patience!

Last fall, I had an order for 50 hot cocoa bombs. Do the math really fast…that’s 100 spheres. I enlisted my husband to help me paint the chocolate into the molds. I thought to myself…he is an artistic person. It shouldn’t be hard for him. And we were off…

He started painting melted chocolate into the first sphere, and I remember thinking… he is doing a great job! Until he wasn’t. He kept fiddling with the chocolate and repeatedly re-painting it into the mold, creating holes. He kept stretching his neck and breathing heavily… my helper was quickly fading.

Before long, he gave in, and I let him go. I wound up painting all 100 spheres, making a few extra. He did help me package them up a few days later, and I was thankful for the help!

Hot Cocoa Bomb
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